Maternity protection: in the Orenburg region tigress rescued her cub from a thief

Материнская защита: в Оренбуржье тигрица отбила своего детеныша у вора

Crime and instant punishment. In the Orenburg region, where he toured a traveling zoo, a tiger attacked the man. Drunk 20-year-old attacker tried to steal her baby, reports channel “MIR 24”.

He entered the territory in the early morning, before the opening of the menagerie. Wearing gloves, broke the Board under the cage and lifted the cub by the hind legs. The baby’s head stuck between the bars, and he began to shout.

Unlike the guards, his mother was not asleep. The tiger grabbed the man. The hand of the attacker was eventually saved, but the life of a cub – open to question. The kitten won’t go. If the baby is injured legs and spine, it is euthanized. The malefactor criminal case under article “Theft”.

“Currently, young people with injuries of different severity are placed in a medical institution. The chamber put up the canvas. The tiger was also injured health”, – said the head of OIOS UMVD of Russia across the Orenburg region Alexey Ovsyannikov.

Amur, endangered tigers bad breed in captivity. This mobile zoo the tigress were born three kittens.