Mathieu Betts: the thirst to see the land

Mathieu Betts: la soif de voir du terrain

Last fall, after the adventure of the NFL, Mathieu Betts returned quickly to join the Edmonton Eskimos for eight games only. The defensive end had hoped that his second season would finally allow her to take the ranks among the professionals, but now the pandemic of COVID-19 the strength to wait until September, in the best of scenarios.

The last year has been fantastic for Betts, of the end of his brilliant career with the Red and Gold of the University Laval, in going through the process of the pro day, the repêchages of the CFL and the NFL, his signing as a free agent with the Chicago Bears until his release and his signing with Edmonton.

In this context, he obviously did not acquired the necessary experience in the game among the pros. That is why he is looking forward to jump again on the ground and that the uncertainty is eroding. At 25 years old, Betts is clearly not up to the crossroads, but the football player drooling to put on a helmet and shoulder pads.

“We will not hide that in football, your number of years is limited. There is so much talent that comes each year. I won’t go so far as to say that the countdown is already close to ring, but I want the most possible years in the canadian League. I can just prepare myself to the maximum for the season 2020, and if not, it will go in 2021”, he said to the Journal.

No new

For the moment, it is flat calm. Betts has just resumed outdoor training in small groups, to him who has maintained the form to the best of his ability in recent weeks, despite the limitations of confinement.

In the best case, the LCF will re-launch its activities on 1 September. At worst, it will wait until the season 2021.

“After our elimination last season in the final of the Is, I was super motivated. I found right away in training mode to prepare myself for the season 2020. I thought I could live a season more normal with a training camp in may, of the parties and preparatory to a schedule of 18 parties. It’s going to necessarily be different, wishing that there was at least one season, regardless of the format, has slipped in the holder of the record for the highest number of bags of the quarter career on the university scene in this country.

On the personal level, Betts has enjoyed his first in Edmonton, and his expectations are now higher.

“Given the situation in which I arrived, in full season, I’m glad of the experience I was given. Now, as a competitor, I’d have all the time more and my goal is to be starting this year”, specified the author of two sacks in the regular season.

Nothingness everywhere

A teacher by training, Mathieu Betts has also given physical education lessons in secondary schools during the winter, until the pandemic hits. So this is another aspect of his professional life, where uncertainty reigns.

“It is sure that it is something that I would like to edit. This is my plan if the season of the CFL is cancelled. Except that, as we do not know what will happen in the secondary schools, I am a little in the double nil”, could not see the defensive lineman.

Proud supporter of the Bears in spite of everything

Some players cut off with a team from the NFL might be bitter to the point of contempt for this organization. On the contrary, Mathieu Betts did not hesitate to stand firmly behind the Chicago Bears, even after they were shown the exit last August.

The Montreal was part of the latest wave of cuts, at the end of the training camp of the Bears, the 31 August. Of course, when he learned the news, the shock has been difficult to collect.

“When I learned that I was cut off from Chicago, it struck a big blow. This was clearly not the goal that I set for myself. I wanted to carve out a place. This was with the Bears that I was hired initially,” recalled one who had, moreover, been selected to the third place in the repechage of the canadian League by Edmonton.

On September 9, Betts was precisely with the Eskimos.

“Throughout the training camp in Chicago, the beauty of the situation is that I knew that I had a safety net with the Eskimos. I was aware that this was a possibility if I was cut off and that no other team I wanted. It has always been an option that interested me, so it was not too long for me to live in edge,” he explained.

Mixed feelings

During the last season, Betts has been watching the Bears without too much resentment.

“I followed them very closely. When they played on tv, I really liked the look because I knew the guys in the defensive and the game system. I thought it was interesting to see how they t in the face of different attacks.

“I can’t say that I watched the matches with bitterness. Even I am surprised to be taken for them, a lot more than I did in the past. I am very pleased that each of their successes, even if they have not had the season expected. I have been part of the team that for a few months, but I’ll continue to follow them”, he summarized.

Betts is under contract with the Eskimos until the end of the season in 2021. “And I hope to stay in Edmonton after this contract,” full-t-it.

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