Mathieu Larin accused of juvenile prostitution

After admitting accusations of procuring with adult women, Mathieu Larin must defend himself from accusations related to child prostitution.

D es charges of soliciting a person to have sexual contact with another person and to have experienced the avails of prostitution of a person under 18 years old between September and November 2014 in Sherbrooke and Laval were filed, Thursday, against Larin at the Sherbrooke courthouse.

Some of the new charges filed by the Attorney General for Criminal Prosecution, Geneviève Crépeau, carry a minimum sentence of two years in penitentiary.

Larin is also charged with sexual assault between November 12 and November 24, 2014 on this same minor plaintiff as well as intimidating this teenager so that she does not complain to the police.

His lawyer Alexandre Fleurent appeared on these new charges before Judge Conrad Chapdelaine of the Court of Quebec.

The complainant spoke at the Sûreté du Québec following the guilty pleas filed by Larin last October.

A video statement was made and filed in evidence to the defense.

“Discussions are continuing. We will take a position on returning the case to court, “said Fleurent.


On October 23, Larin acknowledged the charges against him.

He pleaded guilty to bringing three women to offer sexual services for a fee between December 2016 and June 2017.

The pimp has been detained since early September after his arrest in the first case of pimping. His release was denied by the court, and a new charge was laid.

Mathieu Larin, who has several criminal records, admitted having brought two people to offer sexual services for consideration between March and June 2017, procuring. The individual also admitted to having advertised sexual services for remuneration and to have benefited from a pecuniary benefit that he knew to come from prostitution.

He also admitted a charge of procuring another woman between December 2016 and April 2017 and assault, kidnapping and mischief on June 12, 2017.

Larin used the “Intimate Announcements” website to offer various sexual services to young women he recruited.

All files were submitted on December 27th.

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