Matt Holubowski in concert virtual

Matt Holubowski en concert virtuel

The 1000 tickets sold for the concert virtual that he gave last Friday, for the benefit of Moisson Montréal, pushing Matt Holubowski to repeat the 1st may next. According to him, artists should rely more strongly on shows virtual pay in the next few months.

Matt Holubowski was generous last Friday, while he played songs on the platform Side Door for almost 2: 30. It cost $ 8 to attend, an opportunity to submit 6286 $ Moisson Montreal. It will do the same thing next Friday.

Is he usually has “horror” to play alone in front of a camera, he admits to having particularly enjoyed the experience, because unlike in a live show on the social networks, the platform allows him to see people.

“The people interacted among themselves, during the show, and I saw them clap. This is not the same as a real show, but this is the closest thing in the circumstances “, he reported in the Journal.

A test

If the artists are many who are putting on a show for free on the social networks, the one that comes to launch a third opus, the Weird Ones, chose to make people pay to join a cause.

“I see the people on the front lines and I felt really useless. I wanted to do something concrete. At the same time, it allows me to test a new platform. “

Matt Holubowski reflects on the future of paid concerts on the web, and hope that the artists followed suit, either for benefit shows or not.

“The artists, it has the reputation of complaining because people want what is free. I say that if you are in this situation for a long piece, maybe it would be important that one finds a way to make money, and not too quickly accustom the people to have entertainment free of charge online, ” pleads he.

Matt Holubowski would like to do shows virtual pay even when touring in the rooms will have taken over.

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