Matvienko urged the diplomats to develop Russian language in Turkey

Матвиенко призвала дипломатов развивать русский язык в Турции

From the initiative of the Russian Embassy depends on the degree of development of the Russian language abroad. This was stated by the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko during her official visit to Turkey, according to “Parlamentskaya Gazeta”.

Matvienko noted that Turkey is interested in studying the Russian language, in particular, this applies to children who were born from mixed marriages. But in Ankara there is only one school, where he teaches the discipline “Russian language”. She urged the diplomats to pay attention to the situation.

“We traditionally took not the number and class of our diplomacy. Need to work on the result,” – said Matvienko.

She stressed the need to take steps to increase cooperation between Russia and Turkey, besides, the political climate has to

Before it was reported that in Tajikistan will build five Russian schools, each of which will have a capacity of 1200 seats.