Mauricette, 78, received the first dose of vaccine in France this Sunday

    Mauricette, 78, received the first dose of vaccine in France this Sunday

    A 78-year-old woman was the first person vaccinated in France against Covid-19 on Sunday, at René-Muret hospital in Sevran, in Seine-Saint-Denis.

    “I am moved,” said this woman, Mauricette, a former housekeeper, vaccinated around 11 a.m. in the long-term care unit of this establishment dependent on Public Assistance – Paris Hospitals (AP-HP ). About twenty elderly people and caregivers must be vaccinated on Sunday during the symbolic launch of the French vaccine campaign, in Sevran then Dijon.

    Target of one million by the end of February

    “It’s getting hot!”, Launched this former resident of Bourget (Seine-Saint-Denis) after receiving the injection of the vaccine developed by the American Pfizer and the German BioNTech. Smiling, she was applauded by the hospital staff present. It was then a 65-year-old cardiologist, Jean-Jacques Monsuez, who was vaccinated shortly before 11:20 a.m.

    “We must put an end to this epidemic, it kills too many people and flattens the economy,” responded this doctor after receiving the injection. France has already paid a very heavy demographic price (more than 62,500 deaths according to the latest official data), but also an economic and social price to the coronavirus. A second dose of the vaccine should be administered 21 days after the first injection of the product, received on a voluntary basis.

    About twenty elderly people and caregivers must be administered the vaccine called Comirnaty on Sunday during the symbolic launch of the French vaccine campaign, in Sevran then at the geriatric center of Champmaillot, dependent on the CHU of Dijon.

    15 million vaccinations by summer

    In Sevran, the first two vaccinated were by a nurse in front of journalists and under the eyes of the directors general of the AP-HP, Martin Hirsch, and of the regional health agency (ARS) Île-de-France , Aurélien Rousseau.

    The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, was not present. “It is not the minister’s place but that of caregivers, with their patients. (…) Our political choice is to base the campaign on doctors and caregivers. It is the key to confidence and efficiency, “he argued in an interview in the Sunday Journal.

    The government has set by the end of February the objective of one million vaccinated among the oldest and most vulnerable, individuals and caregivers, in the 7,000 nursing homes and other similar establishments. He aims for 15 million vaccinated in the summer, but to reach this figure will have to remove reluctance in the face of vaccination, which is important in the French population according to opinion studies.

    “A new weapon against the virus”

    Emmanuel Macron greeted the start of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in France and Europe on Sunday, stressing that the vaccine was a “new weapon against the virus”. “We have a new weapon against the virus: the vaccine. Hold together, again,” wrote the head of state in a series of tweets.

    “Let us pass the message on to our ancestors, protect them as a priority,” he urged, recalling that this “first stage of the vaccination campaign” concerns “the elderly who live in communities as well as vulnerable health professionals. “. “The vaccine is fully covered. No costs have to be paid. Let us be proud of our health system,” he also stressed.

    Recalling that “the vaccine will not be compulsory”, he called for “confidence in our researchers and doctors”. “We are the country of the Enlightenment and of Pasteur, reason and science must guide us”, he estimated while a majority of French people (56%) do not plan to be vaccinated against Covid- 19, according to a BVA poll published Sunday by the JDD and carried out from December 11 to 14.

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