Max Pacioretty ready to make many sacrifices

Max Pacioretty prêt à faire bien des sacrifices

The attacker of the Golden Knights Vegas Max Pacioretty, formerly captain of the Montreal canadiens, would be ready to go into exile far away to be able to complete the season 2019-2020.

“If we have to wait six months and play in Antarctica, I’d be willing to do that,” said the athlete, 31-year-old on the web site of the Golden Knights, Saturday.

“We have a special group, he continued. We want to do everything possible to end this season, because we have the feeling that we have a group that is capable of accomplishing great things.”

Before the cessation of activities in the national hockey League on march 12, the Golden Knights were in the first row of the section and the Pacific. They were on the way to the playoffs for the third time in as many seasons since their arrival in the circuit Bettman.

“We were playing very good hockey before the break, said the number 67. We played well despite injuries, important guys who were absent, a change of coach and learning a new system. We were playing excellent hockey, far and away our best since I’m here.”

“We really like the team we have. We believe that the staff has done a good job to meet all of our needs, to give us the resources and the players to aim the highest peaks. We will have to do it now!”

Series identified

If he believes the chances of his team to put the hand on the precious Stanley cup, Pacioretty is aware, however, that this will not be a piece of cake.

“I think this will be the Stanley cup is the most difficult to win, said the former representative of the Habs take a Look at all the obstacles. Who knows when we’ll be able to play, where, with followers or without, everything is up in the air. […] Guys are going to be in good health, and teams will be able to show their true face with almost all their players. There is talk of the series, the most special I have ever seen. The teams will have no excuse.”

Finally comfortable

On an individual note, Pacioretty was on the verge of his best campaign in the NHL, who had amassed 32 goals and 34 assists for 66 points in 71 parties.

“In the past year, I have had problems with injuries and this year, before my last injury, I’ve been relatively in good health,” was first said by the U.s. to explain its success.

The attacker has also indicated that he was really comfortable in the City of Vice.

“It is health and the fact that I feel really comfortable with where I am, he then said. I seem to be on my x. After a first year here and good playoffs, I think I felt a lot more comfortable within the training. This has helped me to know a strong start to the season and I kept up the pace throughout the year.”

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