May day: demonstrators with smiles and posters marched along Nevsky

PHOTO : MIR / Igor Medvedev


On the streets of St. Petersburg to celebrate the may day reached thousands of people. Columns of demonstrators are on the Nevsky prospect, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Nahid Babayev.

Several thousand people under the cheerful music, smiling faces and placards in their hands walking along Nevsky Prospekt. It closed for transport. Here teachers, doctors, railroad workers, factory workers.

Slogans sound today is not political, as it was a hundred years ago, but rather a socio-Patriotic. For example, in support of domestic producers and “for a decent wage of bus drivers”. Yet for many a may day – the element of nostalgia.

“We have this family tradition. Every year I go to is not interrupted the continuity of generations”, – the participant of the procession.

“A lifetime passed in the demonstrations. The legs do not go, but pulls. I say to myself: go and everything. This is my personal occasion,” said a participant.

On Palace square the members of the convoy waiting for a concert. But, for sure, many will go to celebrate this holiday at home with family and friends.