Maya Thurman-hawke spoke about the popularity and profession of the parents: “the World of celebrities do not interest me”

Maya Thurman-Hawke

19-year-old Maya Thurman-hawke, like many young representatives of well-known names, decided to continue the family business. In early March it became known that the daughter of uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke agreed to play a role in the third season of “Very strange things” (Stranger Things), and now Elle took the girl’s interview.

This is not the only experience of Maya in the movie: for example, she played one of the characters in the mini-series “Little women” (Little Women). For filming Thurman-hawke abandoned his studies at the Juilliard school. Judging by recent interviews, she decided to become an actress, although not all aspects of the profession she loves.

Maya Thurman-Hawker celebrity, fame and popularity, which is in contact with the world of art, is not particularly interesting to me, she said in an interview.

In the school years Maya has changed several schools because study was given it is difficult: the daughter of celebrities have discovered dyslexia in childhood. Eventually she enrolled in the Brooklyn school of St. Anne, where the emphasis was on creativity. There she became interested in acting.

Acting, for me, was like swimming, breathing, or a kiss, she added.

Maya says that filming her easily, but does not hide that consults with parents, working on the role.

Maya Thurman-hawke (second from right) on the set of “Little women”

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