Maybe Watson: “It is high treason”, said the rapper Eman of Alaclair Ensemble

Maybe Watson: «C’est de la haute trahison», dit le rappeur Eman d'Alaclair Ensemble

The rapper Eman believes they have been betrayed by his friend, Maybe Watson, who was kicked out of the popular group Alaclair Ensemble because of a “history unacceptable,” brought to light in the wake of the wave of public denunciations of bad sexual behaviors.

Man, it is high treason”, escapes a Eman, very emotional, in an interview that he granted to the site QCLTUR.

Relayed on YouTube Monday, the video was removed a few hours later.

Eman is told to have been informed of the allegations relating to Maybe Watson as he broke the crust with him in a restaurant in Montreal.

“I’m devastated. […] it is in front of me. I said to him : “Bro, I think you should go tell your parents.””

“This is unacceptable”, also said Eman, who, too shaken by the case preferred not to comment any further when The Newspaper contacted him.


In the hours that followed, the members of Alaclair Ensemble have announced that they broke the links with Maybe Watson, of his true name Olivier Normandin-Guénette, and the latter apologized, in addition to revealing that it intends to undertake a therapy.

“I measure today the extent of the evil for which I am responsible. I ask for forgiveness. My conduct was often quite deplorable. Frankly I’m sorry.”

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