Mayday with clubs: Paris wounded Russian journalist



In Paris on may day again riots broke out. The police used tear gas. About 200 people were detained.

March of labor could not even begin, as the city centre turned into a war zone. However, on the front line of attack not red jackets members of the trade unions and not even the “yellow jackets”. The unrest was triggered so-called “black blocks”. This aggressive young people who come to rallies for the sake of fights. The police flew stones and bottles. They said the noise grants, tear gas and batons. And got it all indiscriminately. Blows to the head received and the correspondent of Agency of RIA “news”. The victims were assisted by the volunteers.

Also injured three police officers from Toulouse, arrived as reinforcements. Law enforcement officers were hospitalized. One of them received a traumatic brain injury after his face hit a huge boulder.

“I’m here in solidarity with people who suffered from police. We must recognize that the stun grenades damage the hearing, but tear gas does not discriminate between peaceful protesters and provocateurs. It has a detrimental effect on the lungs and bronchial tubes and it’s bad for the environment,” said a resident of Paris, Didier, Niederzier.

“We spent six months fighting to be heard. But no one cares about our requests. Many do not understand our movement. But the meaning is obvious: we just want to live normally”, – said the participant of movement “Yellow jackets” Florence.

The main disturbances took place at the restaurant rotunda – it was here a couple years ago, Emmanuel macron celebrated the exit in the second round of presidential elections. And today in the crowd, there were calls for his resignation and withdrawal from the European Union. When the cloud of tear gas dissipated a little, may day demonstration was held. Trade unions and joined them “yellow jackets” marched through the Boulevard Montparnasse.