Mayors are calling for the reopening of the shops

Des maires réclament la réouverture des commerces

Favorable to the maintenance of police roadblocks that limit access to their territory, mayors of the East and North of Quebec does not, however, include that the government Legault ordered even the closure of local shops nearby.

“What is it that makes the butcher at the centre of the city has the right to operate and the trade side, which sells shoes, can not open it?” exclaimed Yves Montigny, mayor of Baie-Comeau on the North Shore. “It takes a reopening plan with gradual shops, while respecting the guidelines of the public Health,” he continued.

Even if the number of infections to the COVID-19 is very limited in Baie-Comeau, the mayor would prefer that Quebec remain, for the moment, the police roadblocks that limit the inputs and outputs to the region of the Côte-Nord.

“We must ensure that we don’t have visitors from the outside who would come spend time with a trailer, for example. We want that the region continues to be closed until may 4 at least. It is too early to proceed to the opening”, he dropped.

Small businesses

Reasoning similar to Jerome Landry, mayor of Matane, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, where there are fewer than five positive cases at the COVID-19.

“People are fearful to measures to open up the territory, he admits. However, there is nothing that prevents to open small businesses in complying with the instructions of social distancing.” According to him, “if the supermarkets comply with these guidelines, why not small businesses?”

Tourism intraprovincial

The mayor of Matane, which the municipality is part of the tourist region of Gaspésie, hope that the Quebec government will put in place an extensive promotion campaign to encourage Quebecers to do the “tourism intraquébécois” when the crisis is over.

Moreover, the idea of a tax credit for travelers, to promote the revival of tourism in Québec, more talking in the middle of the tourism and in the corridors of government.

Martin Soucy, CEO of the Alliance of the tourism industry in Québec, which considers the measure “essential”, submitted to the minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx, last week.

“It is an excellent measure, and I think the return on investment for the government would be pretty quick. It will give an impulse and it is money that will stay in the economy, so the government benefits immediately. This is not a very costly”, he said.

The minister Proulx has not closed the door and responded that “all ideas will be analyzed” by the government to promote the tourism intra-Québec.

– With the collaboration of Jean-Luc Lavallée

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