McGregor takes it to “GSP”

McGregor s'en prend à «GSP»

If Conor McGregor has the intention to release the Quebecers Georges St-Pierre to retire, he could hardly do a better job.

McGregor seemed to be shopping for a fight against “GSP”, on Saturday, writing on his Twitter account.

“Anderson Silva is the best of all time, he ruled. I’m number 2, if I am not equal to the first rank. I’m always active, the first place to me) is provided at the end of my career and easily.”

McGregor was then found that St-Pierre, who learned of his induction into the hall of fame of the Ultimate Fighting Championship earlier this month, came in third position among the largest.

“He left the 170-pound after you have suffered a lot of damage, a decision is questionable, has indicated the controversial fighting irish. He was never committed to confront his successors at 170 pounds.”

“It is income only when it is presented with an opponent with a single eye, said McGregor, referring to Michael Bisping, known for having suffered a retinal detachment. He has been careful.”

Lack of respect

One thing is for certain, regardless of its position among the best fighters, McGregor has never been made famous by his respect for others.

McGregor and St-Pierre never fought in the octagon. In November 2013, after his victory against Johny Hendricks “GSP” took a break, returning almost four years later to face Bisping.

Become a champion in the meantime, McGregor has often shown his desire to measure himself against the Quebecers at 170-pounds.

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