Me Goldwater suspends euthanasia of a dog

Me Goldwater suspend l'euthanasie d'un chien

The lawyer montreal Anne-France Goldwater was successful on Friday morning to suspend the euthanasia of a dog deemed dangerous by the City.

In the morning, at the Palace of Montreal, an agreement has been reached between the parties to temporarily suspend the prescription of euthanasia and to enable lawyers to discuss the case. The case has been postponed to a later date in the month of may.

The dog, which would never have bitten, belongs to a citizen of Beaconsfield, Carolane Parisé. The case started in July, when it received a complaint of the City against his bitch of 3 years and a half, Khaleesi, which is a cross of alaskan malamute and boxer.

Surprise visit

Having no detail on the events at the origin of the complaint, it was suspected its neighbours, since Khaleesi had been found in their yard barking.

A few days later, two agents of prevention are presented in it.

Then, in November, it has had to assess the dangerousness of his dog.

The evaluation was carried out calmly, apart from two incidents, is it explained in the application prepared by the office of the famous lawyer Anne-France Goldwater.

First, when the dog started to growl after you have felt the hand of an evaluator.

Then, when the veterinarian specialist attempted to put the muzzle on Khaleesi, it barked and growled and lept towards the woman.

Risk 8 out of 10

The result of this evaluation, and in arguing that Ms. Parisé had not been assiduous in the veterinary meetings, the expert concluded that there was a risk of 8 out of 10. The City then ordered the euthanasia.

By the time the case is heard by the court, mr. David Chun of the office of Me Anne-France Goldwater explained that conditions have been imposed on the owner of the dog to ensure the safety of the public.

“We have a dog that has never bitten. We judge that the decision of the Town wanting euthanasia is unreasonable. We will challenge this decision,” said ms. Chun.

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