Means pressure more intense in Dessercom

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    Trucks Dessercom, which represent approximately 12 % of the fleet of ambulances in Quebec city, will be painted in gouache as a means of pressure.

    Sophie Side

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 20:21

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 20:21

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    The ambulance Dessercom from Quebec, Saint-Raymond-de-Portneuf and Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce, without a contract of employment for the past two years, have stepped up their pressure tactics to the employer this end of the week.

    Thus, they have followed their colleagues in Lévis, who have done the same, and there are more than a week.

    Paramedics represented by the Federation of employees of the prehospital du Québec (FPHQ) have decided to raise the tone after having received, at the beginning of the summer, an offer of a collective agreement is qualified of “ridiculous” and “demeaning” by the trade union organization.

    Strike administrative

    The FPHQ insists on the fact that this is a strike ” administrative “. Thus, any service to the population is not affected, assure-t-on.

    “It does more invoices to patrons, non-essential material will not be filled, the bedding will be left in the hospital centres, the washing and the cleaning of the barracks will not be made by the paramedics, and there will be more visibility on the trucks,” has listed Jean-François Gagné, paramedic and representative of labour relations for the Federation of employees of the prehospital du Québec, division Dessercom in the East.

    “Between the tree and the bark “

    The latter accused Dessercom to fall back on the cuts imposed by the government to say, in the obligation of cutting in the points of service and the collective agreement for paramedics.

    “We are caught between the tree and the bark, says Mr. Gagné. We try to achaler the more possible our bosses in their portfolio and in their image they will go back and sit at the negotiating table. The meaning of the act, it is our employer, but it also includes all of the funds come from the ministry, “he said, adding that Dessercom” garnered millions of surplus every year “.

    The wage increases are “very common” proposed in the last offer, but mainly by cuts in the working conditions of paramedics, their holidays and their pensions, are part of the points in dispute.

    “Poor children of the system “

    “They cut almost 50 %, said Mr. Gagné. Not only are we already the children of the poor of the emergency system, but, in addition, they come to us to cut our convention, which is already very poor, “he denounced, adding that the ambulance also wish that the service offered to the population be improved, while “ambulance fail” on the territory.

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