Media: Ex-Paris Hilton can not accept the break with his beloved

СМИ: Бывший Пэрис Хилтон не может смириться с разрывом с любимой

For almost a year Chris Zylka unsuccessfully trying to bring back the recalcitrant beloved. The actor tried several times to talk to Paris Hilton and to establish a relationship with her, however, the American star and a hotel heiress frankly ignores former lover. Celebrity does not hide that it does not intend to resume the novel, which could develop into marriage.

“Her ex-boyfriend Chris Zylka repeatedly called and tried to talk, but Paris is unwilling to communicate and haven’t seen him since last November. She knows that Chris is bad for her, despite the fact that he is trying to get her back. Paris gets a lot of attention from other guys because now looks as good as ever, but they are not interesting“, – said the insider.

In addition, Chris Zylka publicly stated that he has feelings for Paris Hilton, so will fight for her attention. However, as says anonymous source told the tabloid, it’s useless.

What is known about the novel is Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka

Even in the winter of 2018, Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka announced their engagement. The actor has proposed to his beloved when they were on a romantic holiday in the mountains. The corresponding photos Paris Hilton published online and announced to the fans that preparing for the wedding. In front of the cameras she showed a luxurious ring with a diamond of 20 carats.

Since then the pair several times to reschedule the ceremony, stressing to reporters that their relationship is durable. However, in November 2018, Paris Hilton called off the engagement and broke off the affair.

However, this scandalous ending a relationship is not over. Chris Zylka demanded the ring back, the cost of which was approximately $ 2 million. He was very determined and was even ready to sue ex-lover. However, Paris is very quickly put the actor to the place she told in an interview that in fact Chris Zylka not bought a jewel. The ring he gave her for engagement was a custom for the American jeweler Michael Greene. She’s a few months advertising the product, showing it in public, because jewel decided to keep.

I already paid him to do it free advertising in all media and social networks, which eventually brought him millions of dollars. In the modern world social networks have become another format of money. So the ring will stay in my box” – said Paris Hilton.

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