Media experts from 25 countries will discuss the information security



Information security is discussed these days in Brest. Here opened the Belarusian international media forum, TV channel “MIR 24”.

Here come the journalists, politicians, public figures from 25 countries to discuss the impact of social networks on society and ways to protect from “fake” news. All topics are considered in relation to modern media.

“One way or another they almost all involve social networking, Internet space, with the blogosphere. It seems to us that the style of the performances and invited experts – is the ability to look into the “tomorrow” of journalism,” said Alexander Karlyukevich, the information Minister of the Republic of Belarus.

“The question for us is extremely relevant: what do modern authorities at all levels, in modern conditions? We see that the traditional methods that have 20-30 years ago quietly existed, today it is no longer justified. Today we need new approaches. Today there is a need for a new language in which we must talk with the consumer,” said Alexei Volin, Deputy Minister of Telecom and mass communications of the Russian Federation.

After the plenary session speakers were divided in sections. Ahead of master-classes of famous journalists and leaders of TV channels, as well as a round table “state of the Union. 20 years in the media”. After that, the participants wait for the tour in Brest. Belarusian media forum the city receives for the first time this meeting was held in Minsk.