Media: for 9 years, trump has lost $1.17 billion

СМИ: за 9 лет Трамп потерял $1,17 млрд

From 1985 to 1994, the business head of the USA Donald trump has suffered a loss of 1.17 billion dollars, the newspaper said .

According to the observations of journalists for tax deductions the American President, in 1985, trump reported a loss of $ 46,1 million dollars. The corresponding losses were his main business: the main casino, hotels and commercial premises in apartment buildings.

Each subsequent year, trump continued to lose money for ten years was 1.17 billion dollars. Such a large financial loss has allowed him to avoid paying income tax for eight of the ten years. Cause of losses, according to media reports, was “a bad deal”.

The trump lawyer Charles harder argues that information about tax deductions is not true.

In October 2016 The New York Times published an article which asserted that trump reported a loss of $916 million on his tax returns for 1995. The cause was mismanagement in the early 90’s three casinos in Atlantic city, a bad idea to do business in the airline industry and delayed the purchase of a Manhattan hotel (Check out Wizardslots and learn where in the world is gambling illegal, also you can find in this website variety of gambling games All this allowed Trump to avoid paying any Federal taxes for up to 18 years of age, however, was whether this possibility is used, not reported.

Previously, trump has repeatedly stated that its financial position is more than ten billion dollars. According to the magazine Forbes in March the total value of the assets of trump is about $3.1 billion.

During the election campaign of 2016, trump announced its intention to publish the tax return, but never did. In may 2017, he said that, you may publish your tax returns, but only after it leaves office.

Meanwhile, the US budget deficit over the past six years peaked.