Media in Germany and France if they fail to agree, Europe will lose heat

СМИ Германии и Франции: если они не договорятся, Европа лишится тепла

The heads of state agreed to enter a ceasefire before the new year, according to Handelsblatt, however, clarifies that although the participants of the summit and agreed on the text of the final statement, they failed to find the “miracle formula” to resolve the conflict.The parties were unable to agree on holding elections in Eastern Ukraine on the special status for Donbass, and the Ukrainian control over its border.Zelensky and Putin have disagreed during the press conference, thus giving to understand how difficult the decision of this conflict. Zelensky said that federalization of Ukraine will not be changing the Constitution — it will never accept the Ukrainian people. In his opinion, unacceptable and “foreign influence, and the Donbas is a Ukrainian territory.”Putin insists on the special status of Donbass, the authors of the article.Before leaving Zelenskiy in Paris to Kiev held a protest against possible compromises.Putin has put everything on the map “national greatness” annexation of the Crimea five years ago. He has achieved a complete success, but recently, Putin’s position is dependent on the national-conservative circles in Russia. These circles perceive the cessation of support for Pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass as a betrayal.What does the unity of views at the summit on the conflict in Ukraine, understands Der Tagesspiegel.Adopted at this summit decision a bit nearer the advent of peace in the East of Ukraine. But considerable differences between Putin and Zelensky are saved.As for the President of France Emmanuel Makron, that, in his opinion, the Paris meeting was a success. “We have resumed dialogue,” he said after the summit. In the same vein, spoke and the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel: “today We overcame the period of stagnation”.Every day on the front line fighting. The next three weeks will show, did a summit in Paris to give new impetus to the peace process.Due to the presence of significant differences Makron until it was to talk about the “thaw” — he has declared only a “first important step”.Ukraine and Russia agreed on a ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine, but the press conference was continually postponed, as the negotiations lasted longer than planned, reports the Süddeutsche Zeitung.A single short statement made Zelensky before the summit, was non-verbal. Being already in the inner courtyard of the Elysee Palace, in front of the cameras he did a two finger victory sign. Apparently, this gesture was meant for the citizens of Ukraine.In Kiev, the demonstrators camped protest — they wanted during the meeting in Paris was a constant reminder that the Russian President can cheat the inexperienced Zelensky.In another article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, on the summit of the Quartet, Florian Hassel said that the meeting had yielded very few results.Soon after Vladimir Putin at the summit “channel four” ended the conversation with President Vladimir Zelensky, he said “happy.” And the reasons for this are: he has raised the significance of this meeting and not made any real concessions in the East of Ukraine.The master of the Kremlin and in conversation with Zelensky was not prepared to make significant concessions to the Donbass was able to negotiate with Kiev about peace and harmony — we are talking about the withdrawal of Russian soldiers, and the disarmament of 35 thousand separatists received weapons from Moscow. From the point of view of Putin, everything is logical: Donbass, a constant source of tension, weakens Ukraine and is a long-term obstacle to Ukraine’s membership in NATO and the European Union. Putin will not abandon this goal, while sitting in the Kremlin, I’m sure Hassel.Meanwhile, Zelensky made at the summit as the President who wants to end the war, he had to take this kind of attempt to demonstrate to voters in Ukraine the seriousness of his intentions.Now it is planned to carry out another exchange of prisoners, and implement the agreement on the ceasefire, but only for this purpose did not need to hold a meeting of the three presidents and the Federal Chancellor.Since the results of the summit were meagre, Ukraine now implemented a “plan B” — speech, apparently, goes about the freezing of the conflict in four years, it makes a disappointing conclusion Florian Hassel.“Yes, I’m happy” — quoted Putin, the newspaper Stern, telling how he first met face to face with Zelensky.41-year-old Ukrainian had a long wait for this historic moment. Initially, the 67-year-old Putin was not in a hurry, but then found themselves in a zugzwang because of the new active actions Zelensky in resolving the conflict in Ukraine.Zelensky said earlier that he is ready to negotiate even with the “devil bald”, if only to resolve the conflict. It remains an open question whether he had a view of Putin, which is exactly what is sometimes portrayed in the Ukrainian cartoons. But in Paris it became clear that the key to the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict is stored in the Kremlin.Putin Zelensky, a professional in the media field turned out to be a challenge. If the predecessor Zelensky Petro Poroshenko with his anti-Russian lexicon was a perfect target for hatred in this conflict, the former actor, by contrast, is sympathetic, his behavior is like that of many Russians.Putin arrived in Paris not to have a solid position leader. Russia is in serious economic crisis, the people in the country complain of the very high prices. Support of the wars in Syria and in the Ukraine. In addition, its impact on economic development in Russia in the period of the conflict in Ukraine and have the sanctions of the United States and the European Union. Surveys signal the Kremlin is considerable discontent with Putin’s policies. Russia needs progress in resolving the conflict in Ukraine, the sanctions still have been removed.All the cards are in the hands of Russia, says the newspaper Die Zeit in the article World, which suits Putin.Actually, polite words could not conceal the fact that Putin and Zelensky agreed only on the minimum package.The results of the Paris meeting may seem disappointing. However, on the eve of the summit as critical of the Kremlin, and close to it, observers agree that more progress in resolving this conflict today. Too good cards, have entered into the negotiation process, Putin and his team.On the other side — the President of Ukraine, who will be accused of betraying the interests of his country, if he’s too willing to go towards Russia.Therefore, the meeting in Paris and the achieved results should not be mistakenly perceived as a step toward the Russian President. Rather, this meeting shows that Putin considers the new head of the Ukrainian state as a chance to fulfill your goals. While neither Russia nor Ukraine does not adhere to the reached agreements.Russian tactics now may be limited to step-by-step implementation of the agreements on their own terms and in their own interpretation. Beyond the geopolitical game Putin this means that people in Eastern Ukraine do get hope for the cessation of hostilities. At least the probability of escalation of the conflict is now reduced, although the real implementation of the agreements before the regional elections seems unlikely.Despite the anti-Ukrainian propaganda on state television, many Russians followed the election campaign Zelensky and spoke in support of it. Most are hoping for a resumption of relations between the two countries. For these Russians, Putin may be in the image of a peacemaker and to show that the peace process remained stalled in previous years due to Russian policy, and due to the fact that in Kiev in power was, apparently, not the man.The gas deal — another issue the summit in Ukraine, drew attention to the French newspaper Le Figaro.Gas war should not be. Such lines of Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky had to stick at their first meeting in Paris. For several months now, Russia and Ukraine with the mediation of the European Union are negotiating a new agreement on gas transit. To no avail.It is obvious that the war in Donbass and the annexation of the Crimea strong influence on this strategic issue. However, the current agreement signed in 2009, expires December 31. After that, if the parties cannot come to an agreement, the termination of Russian gas supplies, which in theory would deprive Europe of heat.Referring to the Ukrainian expert on energy issues Gennady Ryabtseva, “Le Figaro” describes two possible scenarios. First: there is no agreement, and Russia closes the tap. As a result, Europeans will have to put pressure on Kiev to compromise has been made. The second scenario: the negotiations will continue without any interruption of traffic, while partners do not agree.The expert leans towards the former scenario, and then, in his words, “it becomes clear how Putin influences everything that happens in Europe.”Will the President of Russia waving a map of Donbass, to make the source more compliant on gas? In any case, this topic will be a kind of test to power of Vladimir Zelensky.The Russian side emphasized that transit through Ukraine will continue, given the growing European demand. “It is desirable to maintain transit through Ukraine. But not on the conditions set by Kiev,” — said on this occasion, the Russian expert Konstantin Simonov.”Vladimir Zelensky sat in front of Vladimir Putin to the sounds of flashbulbs, and then reached for the glass of water. Thirst or raging nerves. His Russian counterpart with a smile encouraged him to turn to the photographers” — describes Le Monde took place in the Elysee Palace.The overall picture says about invariability of the positions of all parties — both Russia and Ukraine. All emphasize our good will and desire to continue the negotiations, because no one wants to admit failure. Thus in political terms, Russia and Ukraine still bitter, gloomy the authors of the article.The article notes that Zelensky, a newcomer to the meetings of this kind, at a press conference spoke with reporters with sincerity and simplicity, but wanted to show that his willingness to compromise is not unlimited.It differs from its predecessor Petro Poroshenko of the obvious, in terms of presidential style, but perhaps less pronounced than expected, causing friction issues.Libération is also set up very skeptical. “A very positive summit, which still gives the impression of a bloated sensation… And declared a thaw looks like a new stage of cooling” — that’s how she describes the modest results of the summit Ukraine — Russia.As for Vladimir Putin, who arrived in Paris with a solid mindset, it’s a win-win, agreeing to do kind gestures that do not cost him anything politically and very satisfied with the “European partners”. In particular, the French leader, seeking to play a crucial role in ensuring stability on the European continent and in building a new architecture of confidence and security.

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