Media: In Russia will set 10 thousand biometric ATM

СМИ: В России установят 10 тысяч биометрических банкоматов

In Russian banks until the end of the year will be established 10 thousand biometric ATM, write “Izvestia”.

With this information, the ATMs is able to identify the owner of the Bank account in the face, will be installed at major credit institutions. To use the ATM without using Bank cards, Bank customers will need to provide biometric data.

According to experts, the use of biometrics will protect deposits from fraud, an instrument which is forged or stolen Bank card.

Earlier, two residents of the city of Efremov of the Tula region became rich on 300 thousand rubles through the ATM began to issue banknotes of five thousand rubles instead of two thousand. As it turned out, workers who have handled the device, loaded into the tray, not the bills.