Media patriots


Looked a while, “parliamentary hearings” for some freedom of speech. For me, the theme is hilarious in itself. But in Parliament it was serious. Played some hysteric, mediadate, media experts, volunteers, volunteers and soldiers ATO. All concerned about the excesses of Medvedchuk and Portnov. All the screaming about the fact that the separatists are using freedom of speech to Kremlin channels. All as one, in favor of tougher penalties for Russian propaganda. The Minister of culture Borodyansky from Pinchuk center “Revival” called for the severely punish the agents of the “Russian world”.

What to do to ensure freedom of speech in Ukraine? How to win “of cattle that are sown here Russian savagery”? They are the same, with…Ki, and I quote, “whispers the Ukrainians that not everything is so unambiguous”. First of all, you should immediately disable “Telegram channel” Portnov. He is sowing panic in an elegant Patriotic community. Publishes intimate information about the car fleet of “Radio “Freedom”, the workers who performing his journalistic duty, watched the “devil’s advocate” for six to eight cars. Yes still has the audacity to poke them drafting assignment of the channel of one of the towers of the Kremlin “112”. By the way, I do not understand what does the expression “the contradictions between the towers of the Kremlin”? In fashionable research reports writing advanced users in the coworking “porkopolis”, made mysteriously hint at some friction “between the towers”. And the type who write about it, fully aware of these contradictions, but f – – – ing can’t give details. Afraid to “fire” source. Which, no doubt, resides in the nearest psychiatric ward.
In short, Portnow, and even the ex-Minister of justice Elena Lukash – the most terrible threat to freedom of speech in Ukraine. Many speakers whose names I didn’t know and will never know, were convinced that only a total ban on TV channels and the arrest of all accomplices hybrid aggression of the Russian Federation will be able to create a truly free community true journalists. Some lady demanded to immediately leave “for grata” Viktor Medvedchuk. His guards are very frightened impressionable journalist who has suffered severe moral loss. So she bears that fell from the parliamentary rostrum.

The speakers were many. Anyone with dyed hair who is in a t-shirt with yellow spots, who is of indeterminate sex. Such concentration “porkopolis” in one room I haven’t seen. If they immediately define in one division and send to the front line of hybrid war – and this, as I understand it, their dream, something they quickly return all the occupied territories. Just on time.

Terribly difficult for a true patriot-journalists. They pursue extremists from ORDO. Do not pay wages the owners of the media focused on the “Russian world”, not allowed in the “zone of operations special operations Forces”. And it’s f – – – ing the main purpose of their life! Want to show the world what is happening there. But because of the heaps of bureaucratic obstacles they can’t come. Here’s another reason for the sorry state of freedom of speech in Ukraine. Officially appeal to all the authorities: let them go! Realize the dream of true patriots of the nation! The country will soon become one and indivisible. Our Crimea! Donbass is ours! SUGS!

Casually mentioned about Gongadze. As much as some are concerned that this murder is not investigated. And Shermet as it fails happened. So I’ll help: ask the representative of Ukraine in the TAG Leonid Kuchma. He ought to know. But can not cast a shadow on the one who carries out the policies of Soros? So it turns out?
Who is to blame and what to do? Recommendations of the participants of the parliamentary hearings should be examined in the best clinics of Europe, specializing in acute cases of paranoia. First, immediately ban the channels that promote the values of “Russian world”. The assets of the channels to select, and in the camps for re-education. Secondly, to select all the channels from the oligarchs. With such a valuable recommendation made by the blonde working on the channel of Rinat Akhmetov. Kolomoisky also must be deprived of influence on the “pros”. As Medvedchuk. About Akhmetov and Pinchuk somehow not a word was said. Recommendations the blonde was greeted with loud applause. Thirdly, to deny the separatists to engage in journalistic activities. Under the separatists first of all implied the same Portnow. Fourth, to toughen the criminal punishment for information activities in the interests of “aggressor”. Not necessarily to spend a long judicial investigation. Simply to put, because the situation in the country is alarming, “the fifth column raises its head.” Fiercely supports these recommendations, because freedom of speech is an absolute value. And no Portnoy and Medvedchuk should not trample the independent Ukrainian information space! Everyone should understand that real freedom is to work in the style of “Live anal” Petro Poroshenko. Here is a sample of the present Ukrainian journalism, the standard to which all must seek the real media-the patriots of the nation. And “Straight” do not belong to Peter Alekseevich, as it is the property of all former Party of regions of Ukraine.

… How fortunate are not among these excellent journalists concerned about freedom of speech. And here it is appropriate triple roar SUGS!Alexander Zubchenko