Media reported about the deterioration of Yulia Nachalova

Singer Julia Nachalova in a coma and hooked up to life support.

ЗМІ повідомили про погіршення стану Юлії Началової

Recently, the network got the news that Russian singer Julia Nachalova was in intensive care. First, representatives of the actress did not comment on the situation, but soon the blog of the singer appeared appeal from the press service of Yulia, in which they reassured all the fans, assuring that there is no reason for feelings, informs Rus.Media.

“With an actress, all is well. Taking advantage of a lull in the filming of a large-scale show in which she takes part, Julia is a total body examination in one of clinics of Moscow. As you know, several years ago, Julia was diagnosed with gout. The treatment of this disease it is permanently engaged,” – said in a statement that appeared online two days ago.

But now, the media got completely different information. According to the source, as Julia Nachalova deteriorated, she went into a coma and hooked up to life support. “As Julia is serious. Tragedy in the family. We all want her to recover. We all pray for the same. It is very difficult,” said the PR of the actress Anna Isaeva.

If you believe the media reports, the state of the singer has worsened because of the sharp rise of blood sugar and worsening of gout. Rumor has it the reason was the experiences through litigation with a former lover, hockey player Alexander Frolov.

ЗМІ повідомили про погіршення стану Юлії Началової