Media revealed details of the operation to eliminate the leader of the IG*

СМИ раскрыли подробности операции по ликвидации главаря ИГ*

© AP Photo / Militant videoOn the site of the operation to eliminate the leader of ISIS in Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was found seven bodies, including three women, participated in the operation, eight helicopters and two UAV, said on Sunday the Arab version of the Turkish Anadolu Agency , citing medical sources.”We found seven bodies, including a child and three women, they died as a result of the US operation to eliminate al-Baghdadi”, – quotes Agency the source.According to the newspaper, eight helicopters and two drones within a half hour struck facility near the village of Barish in the Syrian province of Idlib. The village is less than ten kilometers from the Syrian border with Turkey.Agency sources said that in the village after the us operation completely destroyed one house and several tents were burned.Previously a senior Iraqi intelligence told RIA Novosti that Iraq has significant role in the elimination of al-Baghdadi.The publication Defense One wrote on Sunday night that the United States held on Saturday in Syria, special operation against the leader of ISIS in al-Baghdadi. It is assumed that al-Baghdadi is dead, but this information has not yet received official confirmation.
Earlier, a source in the security of Iraq told Reuters news Agency that sources in Syria confirmed Iraqi intelligence information on the elimination of al-Baghdadi. According to sources, the leader of ISIS* was liquidated along with his bodyguard in the Syrian Idlib. The source added that the location of al-Baghdadi was able to detect, when he tried to take his family from Idlib towards the Turkish border. In addition, two Iranian officials also told the Agency that Iran had received information about the death of al-Baghdadi from Syrian officials. the administration of the President of the United States earlier reported that Donald trump will do on Sunday, “an important statement” in the White house. Trump had tweeted that “there was something very big,” but did not specify what he has in mind.Al-Baghdadi real name is Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badri, known as the leader of the terrorists in 2014, when the mosque in captured by ISIS in Mosul have declared an “Islamic Caliphate” in the middle East. Since then the media has repeatedly published the information on its liquidation, but it has not been confirmed.* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.

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