Media: the people’s Deputy from “Servants of the people” served time for rape of a minor

СМИ: нардеп от «Слуги народа» отбывал срок за изнасилование несовершеннолетней

© Facebook novel IvanisovVerkhovna Rada Deputy from the party “people’s Servant” Roman Ivanisov in 1995 was convicted of statutory rape – a fact that the MP was hidden from the Central election Commission. The materials of the criminal case on Monday, November 18, published edition of the “Argumentum”.According to the newspaper, elected for district 153 (Rivne region) Ivanisov in September 1995, he was arrested under article 117, part 3 (statutory rape), and article 118, part 2 (rape of a minor unnatural way). He was placed in jail, where three days later he was released.
In October Ivanisov was detained again in the same articles and sentenced to 3 years 6 months imprisonment, but later the sentence was changed to 2 years and 6 months of correctional labour colonies of common regime. Conclusion Ivanisov was serving in ITK Mariupol, Donetsk region.

All these facts, as a candidate in people’s deputies, Denisov hid from the CEC.

In addition, in their Declaration, the MP pointed out that the year 2000 she graduated with honors from Berdyansk University of management and business, obtaining a law degree. However, according to journalists, Ivanisov obviously lied, since while in custody since the end of 1995, he could not simultaneously obtain a law degree.

On his page in Facebook MP said that the information about rape is costing a lot of money “paid”.

“And now the facts: the “Order” came with a server located in San Francisco; through Russian Internet “waste” has already got to the content of the Ukrainian sites the fifth link; has this scheme cost customers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Tried guys the glory!” — wrote Ivanisov.

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