Media: Thieves arrived in Armenia to discuss the changes in your “code”

СМИ: Воры в законе прибыли в Армению обсудить изменения в своём «кодексе»

Despite the declared by the Armenian authorities war on the bosses of the criminal world, the so-called thieves-in-law, prominent representatives of the criminal world is still profit in the Transcaucasian Republic to discuss their next steps. This was reported today, December 6, the local newspaper “Hraparak” (“Square”).

The publication claims that Armenia was attended by many of thieves in law, which meets known in the criminal world Artem Harutyunyan (Artem Kanevskiy), brother of the late kingpin Armen Harutyunyan (Armen Kanevsky), and the main goal of the “Congress” of representatives of the criminal world is the changes to your “code” in response to the steps of the Armenian government. It is supposed to discuss current Affairs and, in particular, to rethink some of their “laws” in order to “harmonize” them with the newly launched in the Armenian Parliament a bill dealing with the criminal subculture.

Source “Hraparak” says that some items in the “thieves’ code,” has already changed. For example, now to the question, “are You a thief?” will not necessarily give an affirmative answer. Before kingpin was obliged to answer positively, even if asked a law enforcement officer.As reported by Colossal, 19 Nov another Armenian newspaper “Paste” (“Fact”), citing “informed sources”, reported that the well-known representatives of the criminal world are planning to hold a “serious meeting” in Armenia in early December. According to the publication, in the gathering of “thieves in law” will be attended by several dozen crime bosses, including those from near and far abroad. Expected to be well-known representatives of the criminal world of Russia and Georgia.

At a meeting in late August of this year, the Armenian Cabinet of Ministers led by Nikol Pashinyan has approved amendments to the Criminal code of the Republic, according to which the status “thief in law” can be sufficient to attract citizen to criminal liability. Sanctions under the criminal code also provides for the creation, management, participation, inclusion and preservation of criminal subculture.

Recall, September 5 in separate penal institutions (prisons) of Armenia was a mass manifestations of disobedience, which, according to officials, have been stymied as a result of operative actions of law enforcement officers. According to local media reports, the riots began in “Nubarashen” penitentiary, located in the suburb of Yerevan, and then continued in the penitentiary “Hrazdan”. It was stated that the cause of unrest was the adoption of a new bill, which criminalities obtaining the status of “thief in law”. Corresponding legislative package on making amendments and additions to the criminal code and amendments to the Criminal procedure code of Armenia the government of the Republic adopted on 29 August.

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