Media: US Authorities wanted to ban the flights of the Boeing 737 MAX in 2018

СМИ: Власти США хотели запретить полеты Boeing 737 MAX в 2018 году

The Federal aviation administration (FAA) of the United States in 2018, would ban the flying of Boeing 737 MAX. On Monday the newspaper writes the business community

As noted, Boeing did not notify carriers that a standard security feature that is present on the earlier models and is intended to alert the pilot about the faulty sensors of angle of attack was disabled. While in new aircraft models it is included only in an additional package options.

According to the newspaper, this became known after the plane crash Lion Air, which occurred in the autumn of last year. American airline Southwest Airlines said then that leadership was not true.

After the tragedy with Lion Air Southwest asked Boeing to re-activate the alerts on the planes that have entered the fleet.

In connection with this situation FAA inspectors considered the possibility to ban flights of the new Boeing aircraft, but soon the controller from this idea was abandoned.

Employees of the FAA, wrote that “it would be irresponsible to allow flights MAX” given the fact that the warning system is faulty the sensor is not working. However, later, the inspectors came to the conclusion that “alert has provided additional assistance to the pilots and not the primary security information and therefore no additional training is required”.

Recall that in mid-March, Boeing 737 MAX 8 of Ethiopian Airlines airlines, on Board of which there were 157 people, collapsed near the Ethiopian town of bishoftu. In November 2018 I crashed the same plane Indonesian Lion Air.

A few dozen countries after a disaster has closed its territory for the passage of aircraft of this model, however, many airlines have suspended the operation of Boeing 737 MAX 8. The Federal aviation administration, the U.S. imposed a ban on the operation of this model. During the investigation of the causes of the accident were identified errors in the system correction manoeuvre (MCAS).