Medical facilities: the Americans spend the scratch

Équipements médicaux: les Américains passent la gratte

Before the pandemic COVID-19, the United States buy in large quantity to ensure their inventory of medical equipment. Panthera Dental has recently learned to its expense and the management feared a shortage of stock if the governments do not move more quickly.

“In 24 hours, I have a supplier in Montreal that was empty. This is the race to the raw material. The Americans buy. In a week and a half, everything is going to be sold,” says the co-founder of Panthera Dental, Beatrice Robichaud, specifying that it is primarily the product of better quality for the manufacture of the visors which is a rare commodity.

Last week, Panthera Dental and its corporate sister, Bodycad, have announced the production of the temporary, thanks to 3D printing, face shields, reusable and valves for breathing apparatus.

The first orders, approximately 3000 visors, are already outputs of the Quebec city facilities. A group of 300 citizens along with 3D printers has also joined the adventure to support this production.

The management of the company is now struggling to find the raw material for other visors.

She had to shell out quickly 250 000 $ for “secure” cargo that will allow the production of 100 000 visors. Everything is already sold.

Since Tuesday, Panthera Dental has housed several dozens of calls from suppliers and producers of the canadian and american plastics, such as Plastics Laird, Plani-Mex, Filaments, 3D and Primex Plastics.

Several refusal

On Tuesday, the company of Quebec had a list of forty potential suppliers. The next day, the management has suffered rejection, lack of inventory, the five most promising businesses to meet their needs.

Ms. Robichaud said that he obtained as a response of Plastics Laird that the United States came from controlling five million sheets of plastic.

It is with the company Presentation Ultima that Panthera Dental has finally signed an agreement.

Another agreement

The company has also entered into an agreement with Filaments 3D for the raw material to make the headband of a visor.

“Wednesday, we had a response from this business if we do not retain immediately, she was selling everything to the Americans,” says Beatrice Robichaud.

“We then booked. A few hours after, we received another call to tell us that if we do not pay immediately, everything was sold to the Americans,” she continued, to illustrate the pressure from our neighbours to the south.

In the last few days, Panthera Dental has including shipped orders at the CHU de Québec.

In march, the canadian government had issued a call to manufacturers so that they may help the health care system for the equipment.


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