Medical gowns may present a threat to health

Медицинские халаты могут представлять угрозу для здоровья

American scientists have found that medical gowns may present a threat to human health because they are places of concentration of dangerous bacteria, according to

A number of studies conducted in 2016, showed that more than half of medical gowns are breeding grounds for bacteria that can cause intractable diseases, such as sepsis and pneumonia. Similar damage can bring stethoscopes, smartphones and tablets.

Dangerous bacteria were found on the ties of surgeons. With 45% living on them microorganisms were identical to those that were inside of patients ‘ wounds.

In this regard, researchers have proposed to use for medical clothing anti-bacterial fabrics, and also not to wear clothing or jewellery below the elbow. In addition, physicians need to regularly wash things: according to American scientists, 58% of health workers wash their robes only once a month.

Previously in the UK was discovered a rare species of fungus that led to the death of eight patients in hospitals. Penetrating into the blood, it quickly multiplies and causes sepsis.