Medicinal properties of cinnamon: how to burn fat and improve blood

Целебные свойства корицы: как сжечь жир и улучшить кровь

Add a small amount of cinnamon the next meal. We suggest this is no accident: a new study has found that this popular spice speeds up the metabolism in fat cells.

The healing properties of cinnamon

In the process of conducting this research, published in the journal “Metabolism,” scientists from the University of Michigan tested the effect of cinnamic aldehyde (essential oil that gives cinnamon its flavor and aroma) on fat cells taken from mice, and fat cells to four people.+

They found that the effect of cinnamon oil has led both mouse and human cells to begin to burn calories in the process of thermogenesis. A closer examination showed that the oil increased the activity of several genes, enzymes and proteins, known for its ability to increase fat metabolism.+

Fat cells also known as adipocytes, tend to store energy in the form of lipids. From the point of view of evolution, this stored energy can be used by the body during food shortage, or to be converted to heat in the cold season. But in a society where food and warmth are in comparative abundance, the stored energy does not have its own output and can contribute to unwanted weight gain.+

Cumulative effect of eating cinnamon

Author jungwoo, senior lecturer of the Institute of biomedical science, University of Michigan, says that consuming cinnamon on a regular basis may be the way that will cause fat cells to burn some of this energy, instead of all of it to be stored.+

The study addressed the effect of cinnamon directly on adipocytes, rather than the actual human body. Much more important to know if cinnamon has the same effect on real people and what really are the consequences of thermogenesis. And although cinnamon is considered safe in the quantities usually consumed, Wu says that to determine the effective dose is still too early.+

Wu said that small amounts of cinnamon in a particular food may not be sufficient to demonstrate immediate and tangible effect on metabolism. However, “we assume a lot of cinnamon to eat overnight is not necessary,” says Wu. “If you use it every day, then, we assume that there will be a cumulative effect, and after some time you will be able to get the desired benefit.”+

Cinnamon and blood sugar

This is not the first study that suggests that cinnamon may have a positive effect on the metabolism of the body. Another found that this seasoning is protects mice from obesity and hyperglycemia, which is associated with a lower blood sugar in people with type two diabetes.+

Wu said that her research team is further evidence in favor of cinnamon. “I would recommend to use a little more cinnamon than you eat now. If you already eat it in large quantities, do not stop – and if it is not what you use regularly, it’s time to begin.”+

We support the call of the scientist and go for cinnamon. We offer you not to lag behind!

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