Medvedev signed a list of instructions projects

Медведев подписал перечень поручений по нацпроектам

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a list of instructions on the forum “National projects – phase “implementation”, which took place from 4 to 6 April 2019 in the Moscow region, reported on the government website.

In the list of the 36 items on the order number of departments. In particular, among them a number of instructions to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on introducing amendments to the Budget code and ensuring the timing of results of regional projects. Glad orders are also given to the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of healthcare, Ministry of education of Russia, Ministry of culture and other ministries and agencies.

For example, the Ministry of health was instructed to study the advisability of establishing on the basis of Central district hospitals narrow beds for providing specialized medical care in case of impossibility of hospitalization of the patient to a specialist nearby medical organization, as well as to prepare agreed proposals on standard projects for the construction of rural health posts and outpatient clinics.

Earlier Medvedev, speaking in the Duma with the report on the work of the government in 2018, called the national project “drawing the future of Russia”. He noted that the country faces “a special scale and depth of the transformation” problem.