Meeting at the top in the major league baseball

Réunion au sommet dans le baseball majeur

Major league baseball will present its action plan to the owners of the 30 teams, Monday, during a video conference.

It is alleged the site sports The Athletic, on Saturday.

The circuit Manfred would propose a season beginning in July and consisting of 80 parts, a regional calendar where the formations do not play matches against clubs in their division or against teams from the other league that are close geographically.

It will also discuss expanding the playoffs from five to seven clubs in each league, to reduce the wages of the players and get the training to 50 players instead of 45.

Various medical protocols will also be presented to the owners.

If they accept the ideas of major league baseball, the players Association will receive a proposal on Tuesday, according to The Athletic.

At the beginning of the week, several teams would have informed their players that they had to be ready for a second training camp, held in mid-June.

Recall that the training camps were completed, and that major league baseball was about to begin its regular season when the pandemic coronavirus has hit North America.

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