Meeting between Donald Trump and Andrew Cuomo: a truce is sustainable?

Rencontre entre Donald Trump et Andrew Cuomo: une trêve durable?

If the announcement of a meeting between the president Trump and the governor of the State of New York Andrew Cuomo has made salivate the representatives of the media, very little from their encounter up to now.

Contrary to his habit, Donald Trump had not invited the journalists and photographers. Those who were anticipating exchanges leathery, or demonstrations of force on the part of the two men must now rely on the brief comments issued at the end of the day or early evening.

The governor of the State of New York, Andrew Cuomo

I believe that it is healthy and wise that, in a context of instability and insecurity, it has managed to put the ego aside. Appreciate, for once, the pause of coverage sensational for us to concentrate on what seems to be the basis of a collaboration interesting for the people of New York.

The president and the governor have agreed to the need for a greater number of screening tests. If the application of these tests under the authority of the States, the federal government can contribute to the supply, as it is based partially on manufacturers elsewhere in the country or abroad. Cuomo-and Trump would have also clarified the role of each level of government.

After having lived through a long period of acrimony and exchange about the virulent, the president and the governor to put aside their differences to concentrate on combating the spread of the virus.

Americans, New Yorkers in the first place, here, have reason to rejoice this approach is more coherent and unifying. I hope, however, that you do not mind to keep a bit of skepticism. This would not be the first time that you advance a step and then back two or three. But, hey, we should emphasize the positive character of the announcement and the good will of both parties.

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