Meeting trump and Putin have cost the Finnish authorities of 10 million euros

Встреча Трампа и Путина обошлась финской власти в 10 миллионов евро

The Prime Minister of Finland, Juha Sipilä revealed the payment details of the summit, Vladimir Putin and Donald trump in Helsinki.

According to him, the meeting was funded by the Finnish government, reports Yle.

As claimed by the Finnish Prime Minister, arrival in Helsinki 1,500 journalists cost is relatively cheap from the point of view of improving the image of Finland abroad.

In an interview with news Agency STT Sipilä, however, did not name the final amount of the costs, but noted that the event has strengthened the reputation of Finland, and the President seemed pleased with the meeting.

Monday, July 16, in Helsinki, held the first bilateral meeting between the presidents of the trump and Putin. First, leaders held more than two-hour meeting tete-a-tete, and then continued negotiations in the extended format.

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