Megan Fox spoke about the negative impact of the media on her: “Sometimes I felt helpless”

Megan Fox

Recently Megan Fox often says during the interview with reporters about his relationship with Brian Austin green and family life, but on the pages of the latest issue of Style appeared Verify the statements of the actress about the negative influence of the media and social networks per person. And her too.

According to Megan, she has repeatedly been the victim of haters and publications whose primary purpose is to gather more hits, sell more issues:

I felt a mocking attitude from the press, and ordinary people too. For some reason, many like to rewrite my story using her against me. In those moments when this happened, I felt helpless. In most cases, the tabloids, misinterpreted or simply change the essence of my words, to attract more attention. After reading these articles, I usually discouraged, don’t know what to do in the future — how to work in this industry, how to give an interview… Every time, regardless of my positive attitude and honesty during the interview, my words turn into something scandalous, negative.

However, Megan had long since learned not to pay attention to hurtful comments in social networks and media that have nothing to do with reality.

It took a long time to understand yourself and to learn to accept such articles. At some point you realize something that previously seemed to be an obstacle, blow, actually it was a lesson — a lesson for the ego. If you look at this situation from this point of view, it is possible to protect yourself from a bad mood,

— said the Fox.

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