Megan Fox surprised everyone by taking part in the show “Hollywood medium”

Megan Fox

Megan Fox cannot be called secretive — actress tells not only about her acting career but about his personal life too. However, very rarely (even almost never) she says in an interview about his mother Gloria. However, Tyler Henry, host of “Hollywood medium”, whose guest she was, spoke with the actress about her relationship with her mother.

He told Fox that in the coming months, her mother can expect a big change in his personal life. This greatly surprised the actress and she confirmed his assumptions. When the medium said that soon Gloria could move, Megan replied that this can indeed happen.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she moves. For mom has always been an important personal relationship. And now she’s really going through some changes. Maybe it’s because of her age, she is already 60 years old,

— said the Fox.

Megan Fox and Tyler Henry in the show “Hollywood medium”

However, the medium was quick to reassure the star, saying that for her mother it was time to start life with a clean slate.

She escaped to freedom. I think this is a very positive thing

— he concluded.

After filming Henry noted that intuition Megan is very well developed and it was interesting to learn about their abilities.

I think she’s very sensitive. I think she can walk into a room and feel people’s intentions,

he said.

Megan Fox’s mom

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