Meghan Markle in horror: her uninvited to the wedding of relatives are going to come to the celebration

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Megan Markle has a new reason to worry before the wedding, the relatives, whom she did not want to see among the guests, so do not sent them an invitation, and refuse to pass the may main event of the British Royal family (the wedding of Prince Harry and his lady will be held on may 19).

The publication Us Weekly reported that several relatives of Megan’s father’s side with whom she supposedly didn’t work out, I plan to go to London and appear on television the day of the wedding. We are talking about stepsister Markle Samantha Grant, nephew Tyler Dooley (son of brother Thomas, Meghan Markle, Jr.) and his mother Tracy.

Megan is worried about some members of his family. She hasn’t spoken to them in years… She lost sleep over relatives who had deceived her. Because of them she was most worried after the engagement, — said the insider.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Last spring, Samantha Grant announced his intention to write a book called “Diary of sister Princess upstart” and publicly scolded Megan on his Twitter page. Half-sister of the bride of the Prince not left without attention and his comment about knowing Markle with the Royal family. Harry said that his lover now had a family, which has never happened before.

A source close to the bride and groom says that Megan is trying to relax before the wedding and not to pay attention to family conflicts.

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