“Mehdi et Val”: a great epic for Marilou Forgues

Mehdi and Val's fantastic adventure draws to a close. While the fifth season of the children's series is currently being broadcast on ICI Radio-Canada Télé, the teenager Marilou Forgues, interpreter of Val, says she is proud of her and happy with the progress made.

The children's epic set in the Middle Ages allowed the young 15-year-old actress to continue learning her profession. Although Val “looks a lot like her” because “she likes helping others, is brave, loves adventure, while routine bores her a lot”, her character has given her a new way of thinking.

“We are not 100% the same person, so I was able to get a little of Val's character, to always keep a little bit of curiosity and naivety through my adolescence”, confides the one who studies in the fourth year of the secondary.

An example to follow

With Val, she prides herself on being able to give keys to children. “She's a good influence; it allows young people to see that curiosity, open-mindedness and mutual aid are things that are good to have, especially at their age. ”

Not so long ago, the one that we also saw in Mes petits malheurs or District 31 was in place of the young people watching the show. It was she who made the stars of the small screen models.

“You have to continue to give a great influence, like Val did,” she insists. It's very important, for me, because when I was young, I followed all of my favorite actors, I absorbed [traits of] their character, I found them so cool that I wanted to be like them. ”

“What I find important is that young people can recognize themselves through the characters, that they can say to themselves 'ok, I want to be that' or 'I experienced the same thing at home'.

Jeanne, Léa's friend

Since February, Marilou Forgues is also Jeanne in The Complicated Life of Léa Olivier. A friend of the main character played by Laurence Deschênes, she facilitates her transition from a small Ontario town to Montreal.

With Jeanne, a “calm” and “down-to-earth” girl, the actress was able to develop a different interpretation from that expressed on the set of Mehdi and Val . “She's more realistic and I was used to going into the fictional, in the person who is very spontaneous, extremely active and full of energy.”

In addition, for Marilou Forgues, fiction has joined reality thanks to the project based on the popular novels of Catherine Girard-Audet.

“In elementary school, I read books and I said to myself 'it would be fun one day we could see this on TV, I see so much that!' I created film and series scenes for myself with those from the book. When I found out there was going to be a series, I worked so hard to get the part. ”

Mehdi and Val's final season continues on ICI Radio-Canada Télé, Monday to Friday at 8:28 am. All the episodes broadcast are available via Tou.tv. The first season of The Complicated Life of Léa Olivier can be viewed in full on Club illico.

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