Melanie brown showed the original outfit

Мелани Браун продемонстрировала оригинальный аутфит

British pop singer continues to fight for custody of children with former spouse. Yesterday, the famous brunette again went to court. However, that didn’t stop Melanie brown to show the original outfit. The star of stage noticed in a fitted MIDI length dress salmon color. By the way, ex-member of cult band the Spice Girls nip slip thanks to the plunging neckline and boasted slender legs. Despite the fact that the cut of the dress repeatedly exposed underwear, the British effectively concealed intimate part of the body using slouchy leather bag shopper beige. Additionally, the mother of 3 heirs complements the image of the pumps with leopard print high heels and sunglasses-aviators.

Writes the last court session lasted for several hours. However, brown said that while former lover failed to sign the settlement agreement. It is worth noting that the British singer has already spent several thousand dollars to pay for lawyers. In addition, according to one of the Western editions, is now the lead singer of pop group needs to transfer about 80,000 on account of the accountant, the notary and other assistants. However, the financial situation of Melanie leaves much to be desired. After all, the brunette had spent all the savings.

In the case of members of the group “Spice Girls” will go on a world tour, each of the singers will be able to earn about 50 thousand dollars. But while the fair sex has not come to a common decision. It is no secret that Victoria Beckham has announced his intention to return to the group. However, the brunette has no plans to return to touring. By the way, the singer has already found a recording Studio and continue to search for new tracks.


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