MELOVIN admitted why not translate the songs into the Ukrainian language

MELOVIN Ukrainian singer who will represent Ukraine on Eurovision-2018 said why do not want to translate their English-language songs in Ukrainian language.

MELOVIN зізнався чому не переводить пісні на українську мову

The representative of Ukraine at Eurovision 2018 – singer MELOVIN says why he wants to translate its English-language songs in Ukrainian language, reports Rus.Media.

MELOVIN, whose real name Konstantin Bocharov has admitted that it is often terrifying to the translation of songs from English, especially if he wrote them.

“I have songs that were written in the Ukrainian language, and one of them is “the Way,” I sit in a taxi and always listen to this song. There are in the album, the song “World in captivity” in the Ukrainian language…I don’t write specifically, so I write when something happens in my life. I don’t like to translate songs for me is a stress, like a musician who wrote it”, – said the singer.

According to him, even with the song Wonder translation has failed – given the help of the fans, and the release of the demo version. The singer was just squirm unsuccessfully transmitted ideas and emotions.

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