Member of the group “VIA Gra” is going to leave the team

Участница группы «ВИА Гра» планирует покинуть коллектив

Many fans of the group “VIA Gra” for all time of existence of the team have become accustomed to regular changes of participants in the team. So, for example, in mid-March on his retirement from the group after five years of work in it to announce Misha Romanova. The girl hinted that such decision is dictated by love:

“The most important task of a woman is love. And sometimes she needs a firm decision. For a while the artist in me lost to a woman… So I’m leaving the band, but leave part of his soul,” wrote then Mike.

Soon Konstantin Meladze presented the public a new participant of “VIA Gra”. It was Olga Muganskaya from St. Petersburg.

However, it is possible that this change in the composition of the group stage. It is known that another participant — Anastasia Tanner can leave the “VIA gra” in connection with the upcoming wedding.

So, the question Katya Osadchaya “Swfscan it”, does the singer leave the band after the wedding, Kozhevnikova ambiguously answered.

“Kate, if you come to our wedding, then I’ll tell you plan to leave the band or not,” said the girl.

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