“Memory of the heart” on the grounds of Moscow: what will be the Victory Day with the TV channel “MIR”


The TV channel “MIR” prepared for the Victory Day comprehensive program, the center of which – the international action “memory of the heart”. Our viewers tell us about their loved ones, who during the great Patriotic war defending the Homeland at the front and in the rear, lay out photos of family heirlooms in social networks with the hashtag #mir9may.

The descendants of the soldiers have the opportunity to share stories about the exploits of their relatives-veterans of the TV channel “MIR”. This can be done . Bring any relic connected with the great Patriotic war – photographs, letters from the front, awards veterans – they’ll broadcast. And interesting posts from Instagram with the hashtag #mir9may will be posted on the website of the TV channel.

«Память сердца» на площадках Москвы: каким будет День Победы с телеканалом «МИР»

The program of the holiday concert: jazz hits of the Soviet and Western hits of the 1930s and 1940s, a military brass band and chamber choir, pop and rock-and-roll songs, dance performances. You dramatized zone “Headquarters”, “shooting range”, “Artillery”, “Bayonet”, “Flag alphabet”, “Sappers”, “Racing velotech”, competitions, games and quizzes, a field-kitchen with soldier’s porridge and tea, a Packed lunch from channel “WORLD”.

For veterans and guests prepared two thousand red carnations. The celebration will be film and theater actor Yury Sazonov.

And yesterday, in a Victory Day gala concert will be held .

Enjoy a variety of concerts, theatrical areas, competitions and quizzes, field kitchen. Will open the photo zone “Headquarters”, “memory of the heart”.

will take action in support of “Memory heart.” Will work photo zone, offers a wide variety of interesting program.

The complete series of festive events of the TV channel “MIR” sailing festival In the program – sports flash mob “Sea charge”, master classes on tying knots and weaving the sea of beads, face-painting, games and quizzes, photo zone TV channel “MIR”.