Men are more positive about the former lover than women

Мужчины более позитивно относятся к бывшим возлюбленным, чем женщины 

Men are more positive about their ex-partners than women, experts found of the University of Graz (Austria). A sociological study published in the journal the British psychological society.At the first stage in the study involved nearly 300 men and women. They answered 18 questions in the questionnaire. In particular, the subjects were told what they feel about your ex, remember the positive qualities.In the next stage of the study involved 612 men and women. They asked additional questions, such as, for example, the reasons for the separation with ex-partners.The results showed that men were more positively treated former lover than women. For example, men more often mentioned the positive qualities of partners and after a while after a breakup felt a warm feeling in the memories.In addition, men admitted that even ready to have sex with former partners.In turn, the results of the study, the women were not so supportive of your ex. Most women argued that it was the ex-partner guilty of breaking.We will remind, earlier psychologists from Germany and the USA found that the relationship with a new partner repeat the old script. When choosing a new romantic partner people focus on those traits that make them similar to the former.