Men that it is not necessary to spend your time

There are several types of human behavior, which is easy to determine that it is simply not suitable for a full-fledged personal relationships.

Чоловіки, на яких не варто витрачати свій час

He then leaves, then returns

Such a person may occasionally call you send messages, invite to date. But between the meetings and the messages he is able to disappear for weeks and months. When you try to contact him he says he is very busy, or do not get in touch, informs Rus.Media.

Most likely, such a man doesn’t want a serious relationship. Quite satisfied his occasional contacts. And you may even he’s not alone.

He is married, but is going to divorce

Already a lot of women fall for it. As a rule, he argues that “there” for a long time, it’s over and he’s going to get a divorce. But it lasts not the first year, and by accessing his social network account, you can see there pictures of a happy family.

In most cases, such a relationship is futile. And if you are in a rigid form turned to your boyfriend to make a choice, it is likely that he will make a choice in favour of the wife and children, not yours.

It hides you from your surroundings

Man, though he’s definitely not married, trying not to seem like you “in public,” not introduces you to his friends and family. Visits generally take place only in the home environment. Also your partner is avoiding to be photographed together with you.

Most likely, he’s not planning a long-term relationship or thinks you are not good enough for him. Try to provoke him by suggesting, for example, to invite you to visit his parents or to disclose your relationship in the social network, and view the reaction. If he starts to look for reasons for failure, so do not consider you a suitable partner.

He expects you to solve his financial problems

A man may first take care of nicely, spending money on flowers and restaurants. But as soon as relations become really close, he will begin to hint at the fact that he had financial problems. Or not the business is going, or is it mired in debt. The expectation is that you offer assistance. Known cases when women gave all their life savings, took on its name huge loans or laid flat.

Men of this type are not always outright scams or Gigolos. Some people just can’t control your life, that’s looking for “sponsorship”. But in any case with such a man you are just waiting for trouble.

He behaves like a child

Immature men often come out of my mother’s sons. He expects that you will behave in the same way as his mother – to give, demanding nothing in return. However, he often complains that his all-around offense.

Infantile men usually depict the helplessness in everyday matters. They avoid trips to the store and don’t know how to pay for utilities. Many of them do not want to work. After working for a couple months, they are exempt, arguing that the leadership does not understand them and does not appreciate. And then spend days lying on the couch or sitting at the computer, ostensibly in search of a new job. If you start to insist that he go to work infant says that you embossed and forced to do something he doesn’t like. But if you complain that not enough money he says that you need to save.

Typically, this man flatly refuses to take any responsibility. But he constantly needs you, and that you blame for all the troubles, that it is adversity! If you refuse to support him and indulge his whims and caprices, that the Infanta was going to leave you and start looking for another “guardian” or just move under the wing of mommy.

It attempts to completely control your life

Once you allow such a man to enter your life, he begins to command you like a soldier. You must now live by his rules. Most often he seeks to restrict your communication with friends and even the family, deprives you of the opportunity to have your own hobby that makes you devote all his spare time to him alone. You have to account for every move, often for every penny spent… This subject is constantly clings to her and makes her claim. And sometimes it comes to blows. The partner believes that he will have something that does what he wants, spends the money at its discretion, later returns home, and may even betray.

These relationships can last long enough and is unlikely to make you happy.

He is looking for the ideal

This person can declare that he wants to find the love of your life. However, all the women that meet him on the way, somehow not good enough for him. One not intelligent enough, young enough, another, the third is not enough beautiful, not enough well-groomed fourth, fifth, insufficiently successful, insufficiently sixth economic… While the man himself may be far from perfect: not too attractive, not very secured and implemented and even not so young. But for some reason he believes that is worthy of the best.

If you enter into a relationship with such a subject, after a while it will start to criticize you, and then, likely, throw.