Men’s things that annoy women

Мужские поступки, которые раздражают женщин 

Many men in relationships regularly make mistakes, which themselves do not suspect. “The Rambler” found out what the second half does not seem women are cute, but only irritate them and forced to move away from the partner.Too often complementaritatea that women love with their ears, some men often overdo it with the compliments. To remind you of your beloved every few days about how she looks fine, nothing to worry about. But telling her about it every hour is stupid. At least, the woman decides that the partner is not gives it value. As a maximum, determines that the man is not able otherwise to attend.Talk about denholme statements of men about their own finances, as a rule, the cause of women either boredom or irritation. If he constantly talks about how much he earns, it looks like a banal boasting and desire to attract the girl solely with their funds. If a man, by contrast, only does nothing but complain on the prices in the cafe and on his low salary, a woman will instantly want to run away from him. Whatever the size of the purse had no partner, a girl, at least early in the relationship, you don’t need to know everything about it.Laziness and the belief that “a woman needs”Many families live for years on one model. Both husband and wife work and come home around the same time. At the same time, he stepped on the threshold of the house, the woman begins to cook dinner, clean the apartment and help children with homework. While the man lies back of the TV on the couch and waiting for the dinner will appear out of nowhere. Many women live in such conditions for decades and don’t know what it might be otherwise. If you both spend 10 hours at work, household duties should be shared equally.

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