Mercedes can reduce the range of AMG because of the new ehkonorm

Mercedes может уменьшить линейку AMG из-за новых эконорм

Under the assumptions of the Agency’s Financial Times, the following year, the Daimler could resort to a significant reduction of the line AMG.

This assumption is caused by new environmental regulations of the EU. In addition, the new standards may also apply to cars with engines of 3.0 liters.

New economy emissions of carbon dioxide may seriously affect the sales of the automaker. The expected decrease in inventories of Mercedes-AMG in the warehouses by 75%. Also likely and a ban on the sale of a car with a powertrain of 3.0-liter.

According to Bernstein analyst max Warburton, “murder AMG” can lead to “a catastrophic decline in yield only automaker”.

This situation may affect the entire model range of the German mark. The Corporation will rely not on productive compact and mid-size cars, and a less powerful variation. This step can have a negative impact on the crossover GLE with a 3.0-liter engine, or the flagship E-Class.

It should be mentioned that the regulations 2019/631 the European Parliament adopted in April of this year. According to this regulation, the emissions of CO₂ by 2021, shall not exceed 95 grams.

Thus for every gram that exceeds this volume will be a penalty of EUR 95. In turn, this amount must be multiplied by the number of issued cars.

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