Merkel said they had “evidence” of hacking attempts Russian against it

Merkel dit avoir des «preuves» de tentatives de piratage russe contre elle

Angela Merkel said on Wednesday they have “evidence” of “scandalous” attempts of piracy in russia that would have referred to the German chancellorship.

“I can honestly say that this hurts me. Each day, I try to have better relations with Russia and, on the other hand, there is evidence so tangible that Russian forces are doing this “, the chancellor said before the deputies met in the Bundestag.

It was a reference to a cyberattack that targeted in 2015, both the chamber of deputies and its services.

The Bundestag had been a victim in 2015 of a cyber-attack, attributed to the GRU, the military intelligence Russian.

The pirates had made in parallel of this cyber-attack, according to German media, of personal data on an e-mail to the chancellor.

According to Ms. Merkel, a suspect was identified by investigators in this case.

“We always reserve the right to take action, including against Russia “, was threatened by the chancellor, who spoke of an act ” outrageous “.

“It is a policy that is applied” by Russia, whose “distortion of the facts,” said Ms. Merkel. In this context, “of course it is not easy to” continue to try to build a better relationship with Moscow, she added.

The chancellor also referred to the murder in Berlin in 2019 a Georgian of chechen origin which are involved, provide a number of media investigations, the Russian services.

This case had sparked a diplomatic crisis between Germany and Russia : two members of the Russian embassy, which the German government was accused of not “cooperating” with the investigation, had to leave the German territory on December 4, 2019.

The alleged killer was arrested just after the murder, but has accused Ms. Merkel, “we are trying yet to find” potential accomplices.

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