Merry Apocalypse

Веселый апокалипсис

Some people think that the Soros influence on Ukrainian processes are somewhat exaggerated. Grandfather supposedly demonized. Well, what can a man in 89 years?! Even to pee, pardon the expression, normally not. Always the Ukrainians invent some idiotic myths in which they believe. Sternly denied it. Grandpa, may be cuckoo, but his cause lives on and still wins in the individual by the throat the country. To understand the place and role of Soros in today’s Ukrainian hands, let’s look at the Ukrainian situation with the height of low-flying crows.

“Horsemen of the Apocalypse”

We have here three horsemen of the inevitable Apocalypse, who is depicted as a full Northern fur small animal.

The first “rider” is Petro Poroshenko. He was so preoccupied with looting and theft that became the official leader of the new “party of war”, the purpose of which is to walk on the armored carts to Moscow and capture the Kremlin with all its inhabitants. But first, Peter must stage a coup to regain the stool the guarantor of the nation. The choice had little of either to sit on the totality of the evidence, or to arrange a third “Maidan” under the slogan “No surrender.” 8 December “Parkaboy” going to spend the night on the street, under the building of President’s Office, the first to hear about the results of the meeting in Paris in the so-called Normandy format. As you know, any outcome of the negotiations will be perceived as “Patriotic” as fierce zrada. Otherwise, why come under the office Zelensky and spend the night in the cold?

The second “rider”, of course, Soros. It is a symbol of the collapse of Ukraine and its transformation into a territory controlled by transnational corporations. In 28 years of activity in the country funds international adventurer managed to literally raise a generation of pid…owls, who currently occupied key positions in the structures of Ukrainian government. And about pid…owls — this is not hyperbole, but a simple statement of fact. Don’t know what the essence of the methods of the grant study, as practiced in the Fund with a mocking name of “Revival”, but the output is reference morons with a different sexual orientation. Most striking, we can say, the canonical example — Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk. The first in the history of independent Ukraine gay to head the Cabinet of Ministers.

Massive assault “sorozat” in power is due to the fact that the original structure of evil gedugan literally fused with the Democrats United States, declared Ukraine a zone of its national interests. Dig any organization of grants-suckers — will inevitably come to the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv and American intelligence services. So it was with all the American ambassadors: the Pifer, Taylor, the Herbst, Pasquale, Taffta, Payette Jovanovic. Carlos Pascual, actually fought on the Desk of the Embassy representatives of the independent media, literally driving them to the standards of liberal journalism. Affected hot Cuban blood.

Here “effective regulation Office” (BRDO). The joint brainchild of George Soros and policy Marie Yovanovitch (the former). Was in charge of this “dovecote,” George Kent, a former first Deputy Jovanovic, a wholly owned CIA. Aivaras Abromavicius is now head of the “Ukroboronprom”, Goncharuk — the government, Ruslan riaboshapka, the General Prosecutor’s office, Max Nefedov — the State fiscal service, Yulia Kovaliv, chief economic adviser Zelensky. And such assignments dozens! Of course, not all “Sarasate” it came from BRDO. Similar organizations, we have hundreds. Each Central public authority, starting from the government to the NAB, is “public interest oversight Board” consisting solely of “liberastov”. They are the personnel reserve of power. So when “green” came to power, they just activated all of the agents of Soros. A separate question why it happened. But while I will not go into interesting details.

Permanent financial representative of the Soros Foundation in Ukraine is the head of investment company “dragon Capital” Tomas Fiala. He buys in the interests of international adventurer business assets, people and media. Exactly Fiala, in particular, have paid the legendary training “Servants of the people” in Truskavets. Fiala created a small, but frostbitten on his head a media Empire with a mocking name of “New time”. Radio and glossy magazine.

And finally, the third “horseman of the Apocalypse” — the oligarch Victor Pinchuk. Ex tube king, and now a “philanthropist”. The owner of the media holding which includes TV channels “STB”, “ICTV” and “New.” Pinchuk started his way into politics through the underwear of the daughter of President Leonid Kuchma Elena. Received the status of “chief son-in-law of the country” and created a huge steel Empire. Large diameter pipe, the mobile communication “Couchmaster” (“Kyivstar”) and a bunch of other assets. Then hooked up with the couple, the Clintons. Became a sponsor of the US Democrats. And naturally sunk to Soros. They have a very complicated story of the financial relations, but at some point in time it became clear that Pinchuk George needs about one billion euros. This what happens when rolling down an inclined plane and making friends like Elton John. There is nothing stronger than blood bonds and debentures. So Victor became a provider of political projects of the Soros Foundation in Ukraine. Can name only two of them — “father-in-law in the trilateral contact group in Minsk” (Kuchma) and the party of “the Voice” Slavik Vakarchuk. Slava Pinchuk screwed up. It is recognized by all. It was too stupid even for the Ukrainian version of the policy. Currently, “sorology” actively hyping the project “furious Director Sentsov”. Molded from “prisoner of the Kremlin” new leader “of the free Ukrainian liberal world.”

Pinchuk is a relatively independent “rider” because he has a manual band of clowns, whom he placed in power. The most active Minister of youth, culture and sports Vladimir Borodyansky, a former top Manager penkovska of TV channel “STB”. He is the initiator of the new law on the introduction of total censorship in the media in the “context of a hybrid war with Russia.”

“One soldier in the field”

Zelensky President on his own initiative (he thinks) has surrounded himself pinchukovskoe-the Soros crowd, which successfully scares him the coup Poroshenko. As a result, he is so afraid of “nationalist rebellion” that pretends to be a real patriot of Ukraine in the style of Peter the great. It comes to oddities. The sixth anniversary of the “revolution of dignity” Zelensky expressed a desire to meet with students who are “brutally beaten “Berkut”. The catch is that most of the “students”, which broke up on the night of 30 November, is forty or fifty men, for a modest fee spent the night around the campfire in the centre of the future European capital.

The President of Ukraine de facto has become a hostage “sorozat” that he hang noodles on the ears virtually live. Before the official beginning of winter, the press service Zelensky (!) released a video of the meeting in the Office of the President with the Prime Minister and other members of the government about reducing the tariffs. Goncharuk with the frankness of PI…sa, with extensive experience appealed to Zelensky to you and explained that the President really is a douche. Rates to decrease real, but it is impossible because there is no legislative base. And why not legislation? Because the winter came unexpectedly. Surrounded by a “Sarasate” Zelensky really looked like a hostage. “Horsemen of the Apocalypse” was surrounded by former comedian and force him to play the piano.

You’ll laugh, but only Igor Kolomoisky is currently alone desperately fighting with the “army of Soros” and sometimes even wins a tactical victory. Ben has nothing to lose. More precisely, because he wants to discourage international crooks the country to use it yourself. Kolomoisky announced “the first crusade” against Soros. His submission started a real war “against our pid…owls” in the information sphere. Goncharuk has officially called gay. With all the ensuing consequences. Igor warned, “PrivatBank” will regain any price. And this price will be very high for Peter. Don’t know how, but Kolomoisky managed to start the process of withdrawing Poroshenko parliamentary immunity. “The horse of the Apocalypse” is now actively rewriting the property to his son. In principle, from January 1, all members will automatically lose immunity. However, time is running out. In front of a large asshole and Igor Kolomoisky understands this better than others.

He had actually foiled a credit program of the IMF, provoked a massive mess at a fraction of “servant of the people”, putting it on the brink of collapse. Declared war Rinat Akhmetov with its monopoly on electricity and at the same time expressed a desire to agree on suitable conditions. Plays a complex game with the Americans. The Republicans promised dirt on Joe Biden and the Democrats have demonstrated their primary sexual characteristics, but expressed a desire to be friends. The FBI wants to arrest him, but is confronted with a remarkable phenomenon: the customer is so arrogant that constantly provokes scandals of the international level.

I repeat: Kolomoisky nowhere to retreat. He fights with everyone. With Pinchuk. He even managed to shoot down Alexander Danilyuk from the post of Secretary of the security Council. And now miserably dismissed danyluk says in the States, “the effects of Kolomoisky has sharply decreased”. With all the current guide of the National Bank. During the war it became clear that many representatives Igor was in an intimate relationship with the head of the NBU Smoliam. I do not venture to give details of these relationships because they are too brutal. From Igor in this fight, not permanent allies. Is the Minister of internal Affairs Avakov, but he tries to throw his partner. However, so far unsuccessfully. However, Kolomoisky wildly like that kind of game when at stake is the lives of millions of people. Paradoxically, the fact: no Igor Zelensky sadly would play the piano in the office of the Soros Foundation. But while Kolomoisky in good shape and acts as a guarantor of sovereign development of the “European nation”. As funny and sad as it may sound. Fight with benny “the horsemen of the Apocalypse”, undoubtedly, will lead to the most interesting and exciting the Apocalypse in the history of mankind. But the scenario tycoon.

Alexander Zubchenko

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