Merry Sabantuy: ancient festival attracted thousands of guests in St. Petersburg

PHOTO : TASS / Taisiya Vorontsov


Near St. Petersburg meet Sabantuy is an ancient festival of Bashkir and Tatar. Traditionally it is satisfied at the end of the planting season. This year the festival gathered several thousands of visitors. Among them and the correspondent of “MIR 24” Yaroslavna Frolov.

Sabantuy is translated as “feast of the plow” and in a figurative sense – this shindig of a party. And here a direct hit on the essence of today’s event. Tens of thousands of people gathered to meet the national craft of the Tatars, Bashkirs, learning about the culture and traditions of these peoples, to buy a nice souvenir. And, of course, come here for delicious food.

As you know, who are both working, so he eats. Traditional Uzbek pilaf Mohammed cooked for 10 hours, pulled an all-nighter. But will be able to feed more than 100 people.

“Every chef makes it differently. Same pilaf, no,” said Mohammed Sidiq.

And after a delicious lunch it’s time to test their agility and strength. Viewers can test themselves in various contests: jumping in sacks to a tug of war. But the highest standard of holiday wrestlers on belts kuresh for the title of an absolute Batyr of Sabantui.

Sergey Yankovsky of Russia this title was received several times. During his career he won four sheep – the main prize of the Batyr. Today he is coach of a young soldier.

But Sabantuy is not only a feast of food, dancing, fun. Here you can learn useful. For example, to spin thread from goat hair. Not too practical for a city girl, but difficult and interesting.

Valuable advice to all who gather for this feast in Leningrad oblast next year: first, a good night’s sleep, you need a lot of strength to at least try to get the whole holiday. Second, be sure to come hungry. Third, don’t forget to take breaks between fun. After all, Sabantuy starts early morning and ends late at night.