Message of hope after 15 days appalling

Message d’espoir après 15 jours épouvantables

After having spent twenty days in hôpital because of the COVID-19, including 15 in intensive care, a contractor of Laval book is an inspiring testimony to demonstrate that it is possible to fight the ” invisible enemy “.

“The worst thing was the fever,” says Pierre Duranleau, now back home. For several days, I shivered intensely and they could not give me blankets because they wanted to make my temperature lower. It was awful. “

Excellent care

The 67 year old man said that he had received excellent care at the Hospital of the Cité-de-la-Santé de Laval, during his difficult stay, but was very excited to set foot in the house.

Public health has not been able to determine, beyond all doubt, where Mr. Duranleau had contracted the virus because he had traveled and that his wife is stewardess.

This last has also contracted, but symptoms are manifested much less intensely for it.

“I was recovering from bronchitis when I grabbed the COVID-19, so my lungs were already weakened, tells the business man. And this virus, he loves the lungs. I am convinced that I got stronger because of it. “

Still things to live for

The avid golf and hockey believes that its sporty side, the fact that he does not drink alcohol and do not smoke are likely to have contributed to his recovery.

“I think that I still had things to live for,” he said. We hear the prime minister talk about every day the number of people in intensive care, I wanted people to see that it is possible to get by in life. If it can reassure a few, so much the better. “

Although his lungs are likely to need another month to recover completely, Mr. Duranleau said to be in good shape despite everything.

The great golfer now hopes that the clubs open their doors this summer and that his health will allow him to hit the little white ball.

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