Messages that will keep the spark in your relationship — just a few nice words

Сообщения, которые сохранят искру в ваших отношениях — достаточно всего несколько приятных слов

No matter how long you are in a relationship, it is important to keep the spark alive. And one of the most simple and at the same time, effective ways is messages. The posts that show your partner that you love him and appreciate that you value your relationship.

Let’s say you like his/her smile? So tell me about it. Do not necessarily write all day, every day, but some nice words from time to time can change everything. For example:

1. “I said today(and) you how much I love you?”

Short pleasant reminder partner about your feelings, do not require a lot of time and a long correspondence.

2. “Baby, you make me happy (second)”.

In this report, everything: emotion, directness, and playfulness. But it is not too sensitive, because it will not strain your partner, and just make his day better and your night.

3. “You’re so cute/funny.”

Depending on context, this message would help someone feel special, realizing that he is accepted as he is, with all of its “cockroaches.” It’s always nice to feel that your partner finds cute and amusing, what you are doing is embarrassing. This not only increases self-esteem, but shows that accept you for who you are.

4. “I love(and) in you.”

Yes, write it about love and not love. People are always talking about love — for friends, family, dogs, and even the morning coffee. The words “I love you” special, but they say too often, because when you say that you’re in love, this will refresh your senses.

5. “You looked(a) yesterday gorgeous”.

Instead of just “You’re beautiful” or “You have such pretty”, tell precisely: “You looked(and) elegant in that blue dress/costume last night. I was lucky to be with you.” The secret is to make your message more specific and not General.

6. “You were great!”

This can be in any value, you partner has helped you, maybe he had a perfect family day out with children, it may be in a sexual context. Appreciating the efforts of man you give him the confidence to continue in the same spirit.

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